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1 Introduction - Reference Documentation

Authors: Diego Toharia

Version: 0.4

1 Introduction

The Timestamped plugin aims to solve a small yet recurrent DRY problem when using Grails: the generation of the auto-timestamping properties, which right now has to be explicitly declared along with other properties in a domain class. This has two problems:
  • These properties aren't part of the domain class logic, so don't provide value to anyone examining the class.
  • If you wan't to switch from the standard class (java.util.Date) to joda-time, you would have to edit all the domain classes to change the property type.

By using this plugin, you will be provided with an AST transformation that will inject the properties so this two problems are mitigated. Also, Timestamped supports the joda-time plugin, so it will react to the plugin being installed or not by creating the timestamped properties in the proper class

You can check the classes provided by the plugin in the Groovy API section.